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Share your stories!

Had an experience you can't explain? Did you recently have an experience on an investigation? Here is a place to share your stories! Here is mine!

The number one question I always get asked from people who think I am crazy for being a paranormal investigator is “Don’t you get scared?”. The honest answer is 99% of the time no I don’t. There is however one investigation where I did get scared. So scared to the point I ran down the stairs quite rattled. It was very much unlike me and afterwards after hearing myself and seeing myself on video, I am embarrassed at how I reacted. That being said, a lot of other people would probably have reacted in the same way. The difference is that once I had regained myself, I went back to confront what had scared the living daylights out of me. So what was it?

I was doing an investigation at a place called ‘Milanos Tavern’. It is a bistro/restaurant/function center. Back in the 1800’s it was a hotel. So why was I there? It wasn’t for the awesome food. There had been a story circulating for years that the place was haunted by the spirit of a girl called Tilly who had been raped and murdered in the 1920’s. Apparently she was quite aggressive towards men but playful towards females. It is an investigation that my brother Glenn had organised as he had long been fascinated by this myth. Him and I had several arguments leading up to the investigation about how it should be run. That is what brothers and sisters do! I had been digging up history and found evidence of a suicide by a male back when it was a hotel in the late 1800’s. He wanted to focus purely on validating the stories of Tilly as that is what brought us to the location in the first place. In the end I gave in and we went in there just looking for Tilly.

We met for dinner prior to the investigation and I had a yummy beef burger. My husband also joined us on this investigation which was nice as normally he is at home looking after the kids. He isn’t as interested in the paranormal as I am, he honestly just wanted to go out for dinner! We weren’t expecting anything really. We had the place booked from 8pm till 4am and we expected to be out by 11pm.

We got the run down from the staff about all the strange things that were happening and we set up the DVR system to hopefully catch something. Once we started investigating, not a lot was happening. Some random hits on the K2 teddy in an area with no electrical interference we could find and we did spot a shadow on the dvr system (but after later review we were able to debunk it – damn). It was such a small area that we were investigating that you couldn’t have too many people up there at once, so I spent a lot of my night at hub monitoring the DVR and trying to review some EVP and photographs. It was then my turn to do some investigating. I took a female investigator with me as we thought being the only 2 females there maybe this ‘Tilly’ would come out and play.

We were upstairs for a little while going in and out of the very dusty rooms. Anyone watching the DVR would think wow look at all those ‘orbs’! No guys it really was just really dusty up there! It was falling apart. There were pieces of wood with nails sticking out, boarded up windows, carpet pulled up and rolled in the corner, empty paint cans and even a dead bird! Thank god we have public liability insurance! Not a lot was happening and for some reason I felt like going and sitting on the stairs to the attic. I was conducting an EVP session when all of a sudden I heard a male voice whisper in my ear ‘ GET OUUUUT!’ WTF just happened? Myself and the other investigator were the only 2 in the area and I knew it wasn’t her and I knew straight away it wasn’t one of the guys because they were at the other end of the building. They for the record were downstairs at the other end so there was no way it could be them. Well I freaked.

I ran down those stairs so fast. An angry male whispers in your ear to get out and I’m sorry but you get the hell out! I have had many paranormal experiences before. I have had some very bad negative energies who have attacked me, I have heard some nasty EVP and spirit box responses and seen doors open, heard bangs, seen shadow people, all of that. This experience shook me to the core more than any of those ever did. It is the first time I had heard a spirit’s voice talking to me with my own ears. I am not a sensitive person. I don’t get visions or communicate with the spirits using my third eye because I do not have this gift. There has been the odd occasion where I have heard a voice in my head or an image pops up during an investigation but there is always my brain saying it’s your imagination and most likely it probably is. I could not debunk this. I can normally debunk most things but I couldn’t debunk this. I couldn’t even come up with any explanation as to what else it could have possible been. I had the holy grail experience. I found everything I had been looking for and it terrified me. It was a validation to me anyway that there is life after death. I already believed there was, but to me and me only this was my proof. My fear very soon turned to excitement. We immediately went to review the video and audio recording to see if the voice was captured. It was!!!

Once I composed myself, I did what any good investigator would do and I went back to confront this male voice. I can tell you it was not Tilly. Was it the male that committed suicide that I had researched earlier? Nothing further happened and even a trip back to investigate again on two more investigations didn't get any further answers. It goes to show no matter how much you can plan a paranormal investigation, you just have to go with the flow because you never know what is going to happen!

So that is my experience! I want to hear yours



  • I can confirm this particular incident and can confirm that there was only Sarah and someone else down that end of the building, as I was moonwalking in front of the cameras down the other end of the building haha. I was getting bored at which point I heard Sarah flip out and run down the stairs.

    The audio recording was a great capture. 😀

  • Let me introduce my husband everyone LOL who also kindly created this forum and coded my amazing webpage ❤️ He has been to maybe 6 investigations in total over the last 7 years, it is not really his thing ;)

  • Hi Sarah and all, I used to have spooky encounters all the time when I was younger. I saw green translucent beings, electric looking apparitions. Heard voices, experienced automatic writing and saw things move independently. I don't know if it was the house I grew up in, or the fact that I was younger and more open to experiences, less skeptical and distracted by adult issues! I still love all the spooky things, and enjoy hearing the stories. I can creep myself out quite well and my young son says he sees ghosts quite frequently but I don't see and hear anything like what I did when I was a kid

    I wonder if you or anyone else feels like they were more connected to the spirit world when they were younger, and if that might be a characteristic of the brains development or something that can be recaptured by training the mind to be more open and less analytical??

    I miss my spooky youth! 👻

  • "Moonwalking in front of the cameras" LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😂🤣😂🤣 You legend! 🕺

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