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RH Negative Blood - Community

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Last year I wrote an article about RH negative blood and the connections people made with it to the paranormal. The response was overwhelming with hundreds of people commenting or contacting me to say it resonated with them. A little community started and they were sharing their experiences and connecting with one another. I would like this community spirit to continue here!

Share your experiences, thoughts or stories!


  • I've found comfort reading everyone's stories that I'm not alone. Im 38 female O neg light skin blue eyes. I've always known I was different. As a child I never identified as a child. I felt as if I was old in a child's body. I didn't play with toys or other children. I could feel the presents of spirits both good and bad. Electrical surges I've had to many to count. TV VCR DVD stop working. Batteries drain in no time. Lights flicker a couple times the bulb actually exploded. I feel things like other peoples emotions. I can feel good and evil. Strangers approach me and will tell me their problems. I find joy in simple things like the night sky or birds singing in the early hours of dawn. I'm able to fix things most would dispose of. I mostly stick to myself. I don't have many friends. I tell people I have enough friends. I actually only have 1 friend. She calls me a healer by the way I'm always helping or saving someone. I would like to point out that not all O Neg people are good. The most evil person I ever met has O Neg blood. His eyes are deep and dark. He has zero empathy. I could since his darkness. I could literally feel my energy being drained. Feel free to comment or question anything. Not like I can talk about this stuff to anyone else.

  • Thankyou for sharing your story!

  • The blood type is also linked to royal bloodlines.

  • I too have rh negative in my blood. I am experiencing unbelievable paranormal experiences. Im seeing angels , im seeing demons, and i experience sleep paralysis and everytime , just right before i wake up to be paralyzed im dreaming a very vivid dream that im w aliens. I also have the ability to see entities. These entities are within a purple or violet ray of light. I have captured many photos w many different entities. One in particular that i find interesting is an angel that i have caught in a photo that i took. She has been captured in pics many times and i have every one of them as proof. I will attach one of the many photos her for y'all to see for yourself. I feel she is a very holy and divine being that is always w me and has saved from many near death experiences. Also i will attach a photo of an entity that i feel is not so holy or good. Any comments or opinions would be greatly appreciated. Im very curious what others think.

  • B negative here. Nice to know I'm not alone. I myself am an emth. Sometimes to the point where I feel like it's a curse. I feel others pain even if they are not speaking. As far as electronics and such I pick up radio frequencies. I hear whole songs as if they are playing in the next room even when no one is home but me. No neighbors blasting music either believe me I've checked. Its annoying and I don't speak of it much because I'm sure to others it would sound "crazy". I'm not crazy though. Just possibly part alien lol. I am a nurse. Having empathy for people has helped me be successful in my career. I love what I do. And as the lady above said also; strangers come up to me often and tell me their life stories as if they've known me forever. I had a spiritual/ strange experience when I was younger as it felt like something was trying to go in and out of my body. Freaky. Besides that and being allergic to every tree there is but 1 😯, makeup, lotions etc... I'm a pretty normal human being haha.

  • JD81- we have much in common and i would so love to talk w u more. Maybe we can help each other in figuring this all out

  • Welcome guys thanks for sharing your stories! I hope you can connect!

  • I am rh(+/-) which means I carry the recessive trait. Both my children are rh negative. However, our family also has a blood disorder called porphyria. Porphyria is a disease that causes problems with hemoglobin synthesis. This means my body does not have the enzyme that creates red blood cell formation. It was caused by the royal families inbreeding for centuries going back to the Greeks. When we have attacks of the disease the red color cannot be synthesized and comes out of our body in the skin and urine. This causes our blood to be blueish but more purple or indigo. Legends of vampires come from this disorder as well as modern legends that talk of reptilians in the royal family. The red pigment comes out though the skin which is sensitive to UV light and burns in the sun causing blisters. Horrific pain in the upper gastric stomach area and in the central nervous system pathways feels as if the body is on fire. Since it affects the CNS people with porphyria can have other "symptoms" such as heightened awareness, hallucinations or clairvoyant sight and empathic mood or the ability to feel other people's moods as our own. If one is not aware that it is a clairvoyance and if they are not open to psychic and intuitive awareness then they can feel as if the symptoms are making them insane. It is interesting that I have both porphyria and rh negative in my blood.

    I have had a lifetime of sleep paralysis and a shadow being that come to me at night. I can go into trances when I get "pops" of psychic pictures as if I am being downloaded with information. This can come from other people or merely from the world around. A couple months before the covid19 virus hit the world I had waves of horrific anxiety every day and once it arrived in The States my anxiety faded completely.

    It would be very interesting to see if other people with rh negative blood could also have porphyia. Perhaps they go together...

  • Hi all,

    My name is Wendi. I am O negative. I have always been different. My mother raised me alone when my father committed suicide...I was 3 months old, so I never knew him. At 4 years old, I saw what looked like a Pan figure in my room...he spoke to me, but I have no recollection of the conversation...I do remember that I was not afraid. Growing up, I struggled with lots of fears, but at 15 years old, Jesus saved my soul! I had a supernatural experience in a small Baptist Church! It was like a rushing mighty wind went through my body and I cried uncontrollably for an hour. My life changed and I never feared again for many years...until I was about 25... And the fears came flooding back. However, I am now 51, and I can say that I have never left Jesus and he has never left me! I married a wonderful Christian man, had 2 beautiful boys, and live a very blessed life! I have a Master's Degree in Education and taught high school English and history for 15 years. But...I have ALWAYS been (by those who know me), a bit of a "conspiracy theorist". I sense minor things before they happen, but I also sense major world events before they happen. As a Christian, I have the spirit of prophecy....as well as the gift of discernment. I go up to strangers all the time and give them a "word of knowledge" from the Lord. They cry, scream in shock, and hug me for speaking into their lives. I am never surprised, because I know Jesus leads me to those who are depressed, weary, and hopeless. Jesus took me to Heaven to see my father in law when he died, I saw my spirit out of my body once and it freaked me out! I have had sleep paralysis many times in my life. I have heard and seen demons in the spiritual realm (one demon was inches from my face while I was asleep once...and when I called out the name of Jesus...he fled), and I have seen and sensed Angels many times. I can interpret anyone's dream, including my own, without even thinking at times. I have reddish blond hair with deep turquoise green eyes and fair skin...I'm sensitive to the sunlight. One of my conspiracy beliefs is that those in charge (probably Illuminati) want our blood (Rh neg) to resurrect the Nephilim (probably in Antarctica) to fulfill end time prophecy..."as in the days of Noah"....and this is just a fraction of what I sense! Now that Coronavirus is here... searching for us (Rh negatives) will be easy since they will now test everyone for Covid19 "antibodies" in our plasma!! How convenient! The end draws nigh! Get your selves and your souls ready.

  • This is my first attempt to speak of “myself” and my “experiences”, and its already a challenge because I’ve grown so accustomed with interpreting the feeling I get from everything and everyone instead of words or vocabulary. Mainly because I’m so different from everyone else I know or have been in contact with, I now prefer to be alone. I actually need alone time to discharge everything I’ve absorbed from being around even just my immediate family. Yes I’ve had very bad experiences with evil paranormal that took a team of prayer warriors to help me move from that house without it following us. Furthermore, I’ve had numerous encounters with other “types”. I’m using types because there is a lot that I don’t know how to explain or even understand. I just know what I feel and words are sometimes too simple or insignificant to describe my feelings. I’d love to hear feedback from anyone like myself to help me better understand. I have gotten better at semi-controlling, how much I absorb from people around me but sometimes their emotions feel so heavy that I can’t stop it. For example, Yesterday it seemed effortless and easy (and VERY creepy) to just somehow know how my daughter-in-laws dead mother felt at the time of her suicide. It completely broke my heart. I need more control. Suggestions are welcome and would be greatly appreciated. Also, there is this OVERWHELMINGLY DEEP feeling/connection with something outside of physical reach, and it seems to be getting stronger than before. It’s not scary at all and I’m beyond curious but I don’t know how to connect.

  • Welcome to all our new members and thankyou for sharing your experiences. I know many people find comfort here.

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