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I absolutely LOVE Tarot Cards. A few years ago, I purchased my first deck which was the Steampunk Deck by Barbara Moore. I just kept collecting. I thought I would share some of my favourite decks! Show me yours!

Steampunk by Barbara Moore

She has also released Tarot in Wonderland which is an Alice in Wonderland Theme

Tarot in Wonderland by Barbara Moore


  • I also recently bought an Alice in Wonderland Theme Oracle Deck! It is pretty 'dark' but I love it!

  • Then of course if you are talking Oracle Cards, there is the Literary Witches Oracle which was released just before Christmas! I have seen many ladies embrace these inspiring cards

  • I've had a strong interest in taro, have seen a few fortune tellers and a % of what they said has happened, somethings are yet to and I wonder if they will. Some of the signs have been strong and often I lose interest if nothing and when something out of the blue happens, INTEREST SPIKES.

  • They seem to be addictive.... Buy one deck soon they multiply i am starting to run out of room :/

  • I got my first deck a couple of years ago and I am up to around 14 now I think LOL . What is even funnier is that I don't even read them I just collect them

  • This is my Alchemy 1977 England deck. I wanted it for a couple of years and when it finally arrived I just didn't connect with it. It is probably my least favourite and I have tried to give it away but I just can't bring myself to do it so it sits on my shelf!

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    Wow I love the look of the artwork , How could you give that away keep it

  • They are quite small, almost like playing cards and on photos they look amazing but for some reason in person they are just underwhelming I cannot connect with them. When I gave them away initially it was to my hubby because he really liked the artwork but they found their way back onto my shelf where i display everything LOL

  • This is my favourite! The Sante Muerte Tarot and the accompanying Oracle deck which you lay out in the style of a Ouija board!

  • I bought a new Oracle deck today by the same artist and author of the Alice the Wonderland oracle deck above. Can't wait to show you photos!

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