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Big Cats

For generations, Australians have talked about 'Big Cats' that lurk in the bush. Have you seen one? What are your thoughts?


  • have not seen the cats but seen casts of foot prints from one down in the Dandenongs back in the early 80's and seen the results of a German Shepard guard dog torn to pieces in Lancefield I would of been 1989 area

  • Oh that is pretty interesting. I have seen a lot of this in the news lately it seems to be resurfacing!

  • I haven't actually seen a Big Cat, however here in England there have been several high profile stories about them, "The Beast of Bodmin" is one such example. Fairly recently there was a story of a big cat which had been seen about 15 miles from where I live in rural Warwickshire, England.

    It is believed that many of these cats are escapees from several private collections at stately homes over the last 100 years or so but they were not reported as being loose due to them having been illegally smuggled into the country and the owners wanting to avoid prosecution. That would be a workable theory in certain parts of this country, but it would not work for Australia in the past 100 years or so due to a completely different cultural history.

    I find the "phenomenon" worrying due to the obvious risk of encountering something which could easily kill you in a matter of seconds. However, I also wonder if perhaps these animals are the ghosts of those escaped pets.

    Fascinating in any case and not dissimilar to the sightings of Lake Monsters (e.g. Nessie, Morgawr, etc). We love a mystery which is why I think these stories endure after all this time.

  • I remember the one near lancefield Victoria was reported in the sun news paper as it (apparently) took the drivers mirror off a farmers ute , I am not sure of dates though to search the papers archives

  • James the stories that i have heard from around Australia blamed USA soldiers that had them as mascots out here during WW11. But that was around 80 years ago, I know big cats roam a large area but that doesn't gell with breeding to me . The people I know that told me that they had seen them are people i trust deeply though , so I am left scratching my head

  • Re: Breeding - If the mascot theory is correct then I suppose it depends on how many there were in those particular areas to facilitate that.

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