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January 2020: Illusion

Thread for January 2020 Book Club.


  • This month's theme is ILLUSION

    My recommendations are in the above article. What are you recommendations under this theme? Have you read any of these? What are your thoughts?

  • I own both of these books and they're fantastic, however I particularly love "The spectacle of Illusion - Magic, The Paranormal & the complicity of the mind" as it is just such a lavishly presented publication. My favourite parts of this book are the sensational posters of the stage acts of 19th and early 20th century - acts like "Kellar", "Houdini", "Thurston the Great Magician" and many others. I also really like the way the props are shown and how the acts worked. It's a spellbinding book and I really recommend it to paranormal researchers, those interested in the rise of Spiritualism and even those people who are just interested in stage acts and the power of the media in this mysterious field.

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