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Paranormal Jeopardy

Who wants to play a game of Jeopardy?


Click the link below - it will take you to the game

On the menu select one team (or more if you want to play with someone at home) and click start game

Click on the category and $ amount you wish to play

The question will be revealed. Write down your answer on a piece of paper

Press the space bar or click reveal and the answer is revealed at the bottom of the screen

If you got the question correct, add that dollar amount to your total

If you for the question wrong, deduct that dollar amount from your total

Once you have completed the whole board, add up your final $ figure

Post your dollar figure below in the comments and lets see who the winner is! (there is no prize this is just for fun!)

* Play fair & no cheating by using google! GOOD LUCK!


Head to think link this and get started! Tell me your score below!

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