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Rh negative and coronavirus

I am o negative and I have been looking up articles trying to figure out what the likelihood is of us rh negatives being affected by this coronavirus. . I know there are certain things that affect us more and some things that affect us less, in theory. I think we have some type of shield that our bodies have that help us in resisting some kind of electrical issue 🤷🏾‍♀️


  • I guess it will be a while before there is any evidence based research that can tell us anything as so much is still un known but it is certainly possibly that people of certain blood types or that have certain antibodies that may make them either immune or more at risk. I have read that some blood types may be more susceptible but the test group was extremely small. In this case there was no mention of RH negative but the results were that type A seemed to be more susceptible while type O seemed to be more immune but again it was a very small study group and we are in early days. This is the article you may find interesting


  • I was doing the same research. General evidence in some recent articles suggest that rh- people have a lower occurrence of contracting the virus.

    What's weirder is when this whole pandemic started, I had a voice tell me that my blood will protect me and my children from this virus. That's what prompted me to start researching this topic.

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