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Zener Card ONLINE testing

Hi Everyone! I have finally launched my online Zener Card testing platform

Every day is now Zener Card day! I am so very excited to finally launch phase 1 of the ONLINE Zener Card platform! Now you can do your own Zener card test online anytime, anywhere and it is FREE! Phase 1 is all very simple, conduct a 25 spread Zener card test online and receive a percentage of your results.

We are continuing to develop this platform which will include:

- Adding additional visuals and sound effects, such as


- Saving and displaying results within a database

- Adding additional data such as moon cycles to the results


This has been coded from scratch from my amazing husband Jimmie who has worked tirelessly to get this done for me on top of everything else he does. Phase 1 is somewhat of a testing phase so if you have any issues or bugs playing or anything you would like to see, please let us know! Enjoy! Share your results below!

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